moved-to-middle-earth: This blog gave me wonderful smut writing inspiration. Got good feedback for it. Figured I would thank you lol 


Bahaha I’m glad I could be inspiring and help you, friend! What’s the link to your fic so I can read it?

There’s a lot about Martin that is very Bilbo-like; he’s not necessarily a hugely adventurous sort of person, and yet he has the values that hobbits have… He’s probably one of the nearest people to a hobbit that I’ve ever actually met - I don’t know whether he’ll be happy hearing that or not!” - PJ


In sickness and in health I shall be your b r o t h e r

The Hobbit Trilogy Official Posters Collection (x)


Here, Mister Gandalf, can’t you do something about this deluge?

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If you’re not excited about all this Armor, you’re wrong


Richard Armitage + Lee Pace - Perving


Richard Armitage Days of the Week


Graham McTavish


In which Bilbo’s emotions leak out his hand.


beauty and the beast comparison | 2 of 2

"I’m so not buying your threats anymore!"